“The heart of a gym is the bond with the members. This is where we start. “

With an own gym app the mobile communication between the studio and members is simplified.

GYM X aims to make an entrepreneurial contribution to the digitization of the fitness industry. With its own studio app, mobile communication between studio and member is to be simplified. The innovative and user-oriented platform is intended to bring the exchange within the studio to a new level. The app supports members in integrating their fitness training into everyday life and on the way to their training goal.
The special thing about the app is the simple and user-friendly operation. At the beginning it is adapted once to the respective studio design. The subsequent operation of the content is only associated with minimal effort and technical know-how, so that the app can be used by everyone.

As one of the pioneers in the digitization of the fitness industry, GYM X should make an important contribution to the fact that the studios achieve an even higher quality of service. Fortunately, fitness training has been experiencing a boom in Germany in recent years. With their own studio app, fitness clubs are given the opportunity to position themselves even more professionally in the growth market of the fitness industry.
Every fitness studio, regardless of the number of members or the size of the club, should be given the chance to benefit from the advantages of its own studio app. For this reason, Dennis Weber and Nico Gumlich decided to give every fitness studio access to its own app.

ONE Connection. Your gym.
Your members – one digital platform for everything.

Between workouts and business plans. This is Dennis and Nico.